For about two and half years I was the host of MIDImagicians, an all MIDI Radio show that was transmitted from Brown University in Providence, Rhode Island (fall 2002- spring 2004). The show did a stint later in Maine at Bowdoin College (fall 2004).

Featuring your favorite tunes in MIDI format, I took your requests and promptly played your song. Often the lack of vocals and the urge to fill them in myself was too strong and I (or my featured guests) would sing the lyrics, for better or for worse, over the air, as a special treat to my dedicated listeners, sometimes known as 'Zoomers'.

A large number (27) of these episodes, usually 1 hour long, though sometimes two, are available to listen to HERE.

If you need an explanation of what MIDI is, try this:

"MIDI: (Musical Instrument Digital Interface) A communications standard for relaying information about a sound from an application or digital musical instrument to a synthesizer chip. MIDI commands contain all the information a sound board needs to reproduce the desired sound. MIDI is a specification for the types of control signals that can be sent from one electronic music device to another."

(that definition came from here)

I like to think of MIDI as a conductor's score, with all the notes that the orchestra plays, as opposed to, say, an MP3, which I liken to a tape-recording of the said orchestra's performance. Does that make sense?

In the future I am planning a "Best of" CD featuring the best on-air fun and foibles and my fave MIDI picks.

Possibly soon I will also be collecting my favorite MIDI tracks for you to download at your discretion, for the ultimate party mix.

***********NEWS: I am stepping up efforts to complete the above mentioned "projects" and also readying for the RETURN OF MIDIMAGICIANS via PODCAST in February 2006 2013 (maybe)